Morning Visions




Shedding clothes

ready to immerse myself

into the silence

your presence

your stillness

moves me


-June 2010-




It’s one detail of you,
maybe two, maybe three,

that locks my eyes
all the rest, fog, vapor, mist,
is but invisible.

I hear a silence – too long,
too loud, distinct,
extra ordinary,

-June 2010-





will lay and roam
fearful heights and surf
gently with eyes closed

soft as velvet
the creases of a familiar face
holding a color
or two that locks me in

the dreamland
I could never escape
words are bars
words are gates.

-June 2010-




It may not be morning
at once
when my eyelids fall
to stick there
limbs go all directions gently

A night is dressing
the leaden sky
as summer darkness perfumes are
collected and I, abandoned
in the water as Ophelia was
among the lilies

fall in
and out of sleep
in and out of life
in and out of love
in and out of memories
of places

I will, persistently
admire you.

-June 10, 2010-

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