Morning Visions



It’s the silence -not spoken emptiness
the salty sea caviar sun and iced drinks
all these ones all these chatter
where I left my anchors
while my body seals
wrapped in your gaze
I found you in the sea you’re
never gone.


I inquire
to a rubber tanned face
breathing the sky in.

I long I linger
veins pumping
to my heart.

– June 28, 2010 –



cheeks high up
there shapes
of sharp intellect,
far away

melancholy of a country
not my own
calling my name

I wrinkle to cry
I do not understand
nor can tell but I feel

– June 2010 –



So close.
Slightly open
lips inviting
breathing out
a call to the soul.

I love as a first
my face so close
reflected and dark,
lively rubbery, I can read
my own eyes.

– June 2010 –




In that place
ground shared
cuddling was with imagination
too sacred for a flow
even water
by the holiness of the moment
a few syllabus at a time
as still rocks
as with branches a full tree
on a concrete square
could not reach the roots
its sap
is for another time.


– June 2010 –

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