my wilderness at twilight, 11-2011


my wilderness at twilight
is such
to mellow out
on cords you play
softly downing as dusk falls
ghostly sounds
of missing a missing soul
of kisses missed
invite me
to stay
you do
sing fine
feel my skin
raising to your
touch shaking softly
at the sound your voice
cutting the air as a gloved
hand passing through snow
winter afternoons turning to nights
in darkness waiting silently for your return
notes and voices
riding the silent winter sunset
no much color just a blush powered on
darkness standing strong against
people laying down on an end
not rising just lingering
one after another
a bullet or two
your note
a must
.My wilderness at twilight

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  1. Anna, we have such totally different styles I have to read through some of your poems several times to begin to catch their beauty and flow. I’m always rewarded by taking the time to do this, plus I learn something from it as well. Thanks.


    • So glad Tracy you are taking the time to catch the flow and to enjoy their essence, making the effort to thread on something different, over and over, if necessary. I always enjoy your feed-backs, thank-you!


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