Up In Smoke, April 2013




I had always knew

you were an hedger

but now we are

talking business

life at a crossing

finds me reluctant .


you clipped your attitude

away now you are sweetness

even politeness I stand

hesitant taking time

not sure you are telling truth .


bad habits gone projects

a new life new schedule

brand new location

drawing closer

you open up


your locks are gone too

fresh look maybe you came

back from the front where

was I? we chat at my window

where I usually find poetry


my garden all clipped too

night a prelude to a

morning vision of new

less clutter more space

not sure where we stand .


you still hedge things out

fly out of my door

wearing almost nothing

you slip away silky

we dare not to touch .


new chrisalyds

know not this route

in need to grow

true wings . .



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  1. I apology to everyone cause I was not aware, yesterday, that this post was cluttered up and had no new lines or spaces between stanzas… it looks fine to me now (but so it did yesterday…) hopefully to you too, Anna


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