Up in smoke, May 2013


two different gardens
at the earth of night
same rain constant
almost soft as echoes
of the steps of ants
and small busy animals
at day light and I
sitting quietly
right before both
of my hands as I lie down
posed at my hipbones
they stick out a bit
but not sharply
fingers tips touching
right in the middle
the only heat outdoors
is that of the street
lights creating a mist
as small clouds pretending
to bathe under fake lights
so many thoughts in time
shortening eyelids
closing as an act
of love I know
you will be



2013-05-01 20.16.39

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  1. This is my all-time favorite of your poems. “two different gardens at the earth of night” … those two lines blow me away as do the next two stanzas … and then on to the rest of the poem. I love it all. WOW! You out did yourself, Anna.


    • Thank you Tracy so happy you got “sucked into it”! Night time atmospheres are quite difficult to describe, time is dilated, sounds amplified and our soul is more attentive than ever…


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