Ray’s day, June 2013



she had wished she could go back to the places

where she spent the night while dreaming.


she got up to drink lots of water and opened the curtains.

later she was sitting outdoors


writing, after she had read from her fourth book

that morning, that was what she considers a lucky day.


enough peace and time to sip nectar

from the books lined up for her.


she was staring at her left thumb nail.

a bit uneven as always. wondering how


and passing her middle finder back and forth on it.

a lot of ideas to put down on paper


while she smelled the air and opened a bit her mouth

while curling up the tip of the nose


to trap the smells in.

she had learned that from cats.


her friend was laying on his side

relaxing in the sun slightly breathing.


crises passed now. he didn’t like her

gardening attempt and her watering all around.



it looks as total relaxation. yet both had attentive

ears to the sounds around. nature yes


and someone adding sounds of car doors

slammed back and forth and motors.


starting to pull them away. to their own homes

after they had bought their groceries nearby.


she looked at her nail once again. worried.

if she’d got up again she may loose concentration.


he could have get nervous by her restlessness

in spite of the beautiful day.


he may lose his patience. as if

reading her mind he got up


to lay a bit further away to leave

her space. or to spy her better


under his lowered eyelids.

she was very good at making


excuses to herself quite often.

her full potential scared her.


so she used to heed to emotions.

to create pitfalls. that’s it.


she started her first line. this time

inspiring the lemons scents in.


lulled by the birds singing  through the air.

no one needed to read it anyway.


later she would go wash her car with her own

hands and file straight that nail.



2013-04-12 12.09.21

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