California Notebooks, Sept. 2013


the day drifted away
as water in a brooklet
swift and eager to reach
the valley where
I don’t care
to be
I wish it would have moved
as a rosary in my hand
slowly slacking down at
the rhythm of each prayer
loitering on the light’s hues
and warm shades on beguilement
I sense I’ve done too much
and nothing as well
fancying to grab you head to tail
breathing my excuses
as I start all over




36 responses »

  1. Drifting is just that– walking around in circles, covering distance without really accomplishing much. One can never tell which points she starts and then ends. You described it perfectly, methinks. My fave stanza would be the 2nd one.


  2. Beguilement begins on the mountain with his enchantment to the rain that falls and flows. Many streams are formed below but there are so many tributaries to the river that can be dammed and grabbed. So many brooks in so many nooks. There is one where in the shallows many things can be grabbed.


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