California Notebooks, Sept. 2013



me decorated

with an unexpected smile


I now expect little and live the moment

exploring while passing over


I’ve quitted detaining I let

motion befalling having no


more addresses, pinheads or pencils

I found my self delighted

in the last three lines




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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Anna, but more importantly, I want to thank you for creating such a lovely site. In my work I try and ensure that if something must be created for public consumption, why not make it beautiful? Until I arrived at your blog, I hadn’t given thought to the idea that I should do the same for my own contributions to the online world..

    So, thanks for your lovely words and the [unexpected] inspiration.


  2. I found myself delighted in your last three lines, too. And I kept hearing pinhead echoing. I like poetry where I am halted, and I find myself there in the lines. Thanks for that moment. 🙂 Brenda


  3. “more addresses, pinheads or pencils

    I found my self delighted

    in the last three lines.”

    Just perfection . I am more then delighted by your choice of line breaks. Your stanza are just… eloquent ,quite simply put. 🙂 Do you edit them this way or is it more organic?


  4. Hey Anna, great poem! Thanks for the “unexpected smile” … and thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking what you like! I really appreciate it! Look forward to reading more…. Blackbird


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