California Notebooks, Sept. 2013


the olive tree startles me
young with eucalyptus
trunks almost unsure
missing identity
branches to the winds
folded here and there not distant
from the ancient ones knotted
trunks strong and twisted
before the palm trees
and the cactuses



2013-11-17 11.08.25

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  2. Hi Anna – Thanks very much for “liking” my poem “Find Your song”. I like this poem here – it’s like a small gem. I also like the images/photos that you insert – I haven’t found out how to do that yet in WP sine I’m a complete newbie!


    • You are welcome Shery, thank you for your feedback! Insert photo is easy. Got to New Post, write whatever… on the menu, top left you’ll see Insert Image. It used to be easy, WP would access your images on the computer, now is a bit trickier… when you click insert image it will give you an option to upload (!!! yes it is crazy and a true waste of time!!!) images you may use in the future to WP. Do that, I usually upload a bunch so then I choose from there, THEN you are able, from the downloaded ones, to insert your pic in the post. You may want to experiment of the size you want the picture to be and or if centered or to the sides, This will come up next to the picture you choose on the right of your screen. Don’t forget to click on save before you exit…


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