Intertextures – Crossing Rivieras



I’ve made this bus
my temporary office
to move along to travel
having hands free from
the wheel and peripheral view
each same kilometer
new emotions and sights
for how long I’m not sure
being carried as a young child
curious the same connecting
dots and thoughts fleeting as
clouds in the wind subject
to weather conditions
missing none
me in a time capsule
while you sleep exploring
the world around me no one
speaks Italian the coast has been
covered with bodies of immigrants



2013-10-25 18.08.37

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    • Thank you Simon, I can see what you mean. I appreciate your feedback. The last line was especially referring to the problems both rivieras (countries) have with immigrants – many of which are left to die at sea…


      • Forgot about that sort of immigrant! ( even though we have been watching “Montalbano”, where it is a continuing theme). Adds another dimension and quality to the theme of movement and transience! To where do we belong?…….


    • Thank you Francina for the feedback and the right on connection! It’s a poem meant to move from the personal, to work, to the near people and the reality of the no so close neighbors we find crossing our path. As Italian it’s hard to ignore what’s going on on the sea. After all Italy is a peninsula, with three sides into the sea and France has two as well. Though the immigrants you find when you cross from riviera to riviera are mostly from Macedonia, Romania and Albania on the Italian side and north Africans on the French side. Groetjes, Anna


  1. i like the the bus imagery you used in your poem. i have a similar affection for public transportation or even being in the passenger’s seat in a car–they are such good think tanks! the line “connecting the dots” sticks out to me, especially because your stanzas are separated by dots or periods that are in white font that show up when you highlight them with your mouse. it seems like you are connecting the dots with your stanzas as well as your thoughts while riding in the bus, as the bus itself connects the dots of its multiple destinations.


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