Intertextures – Crossing Rivieras



shall I describe to anyone
now or when I’m old
the many bosoms of
the Mediterranean gulfs
that fill my heart periodically
since I was fourteen I think
I would have not imagined
to be here still after all
I visited the metropolis
I lived in and left as a capricious
gets tired of lovers the oceans
I crossed the skies I consumed
I keep on being called here
to have my days emptied
to skim thoughts to the bones
to love those bones



2013-10-25 17.54.41

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  1. This poem really resonated with me Anna. I was wondering the meaning of ‘to have my days emptied’, I am curious because usually we want to fill our days. Is it a reference to simplifying?


    • Eleni hi, thank you for your note and for asking. Yes, it was a reference to simplify… sometimes we get put into places where we are less busy and we have more time to think, think all the way to the bones, and then to love those bones 🙂


  2. I really love this one, Anna. Thought about it again and came back to it this morning. Something about it. And I love your use of “capricious.” A word I seldom think of, but definitely need to more. It’s fitting for me now. Thank you for the reminder. ~ Bill


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