Intertextures – Crossing Rivieras



silence is underrated
I like to have it all around
and inside me
looking at pictures
that captured the long
gone silence with an echo
space often holds on silence
they both happen as magic


2013-10-27 12.37.37


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  1. Yes. It is underrated. People can’t seem to understand why I prefer being at home doing nothing sometimes. It’s my time-out from the world.


  2. I resonate with this view of silence. Creativity comes from this well of internal silence. I like this line especially ” pictures
    that captured the long
    gone silence with an echo”

    Keep writing. Thanks for the “like” today. Alice


  3. Silence is as strong as the fear we are taught to have of it. A night of stars on a new moon out in a wastelanded “country lane” will express this exact emotion. In the long spaces between noises, between rustle of leaves, between wind brushing against our cheeks — we only imagine great horrors creeping, approaching, coming for us. We clutch our various industrial weapons to our chests, waiting, waiting, waiting for it to come just so we can beat it back when it does.

    The beauty of true silence is that it never breaks and we, truncated, are left facing only ourselves in a terrifying way.

    [Thanks for checking out my blog. Nice to meet you.]


      • Perhaps a night of stars on a new moon could elicit wonder. A way to deal with any strong emotion is to invite it inside of ourselves (as the Buddha might say “invite it to the table”) and then stand present – through will – and experience it changing. Fear is feeling out of control of the great mystery of our lives and trying to hold the shifting grains of sand of time and the material world in a butterfly net. If we can be still and watch/feel/be present without being impelled to move either to action or away from it we develop the capacity in this lifetime to evolve.

        Why are we alive anyway? In giving to “others” we are expressing a quality of our humanity. And to act from a place of stillness may seem like a paradox but get still – truly still – and things become clear.



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