Intertextures – Crossing Rivieras



I will walk away from
the crowd and their buzzing
finding an island to float serene
on away from cravings
looks and strong odors
to my own shadow
well defined



2013-10-26 16.45.04


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  1. Perfect expression Anna. Thank you! Your message ties with the premise of a book I am reading on the importance of nourishing the frontal lobe by doing precisely what you are recommending in your poem – filtering unnecessary noise, whether caused by others or our own technology, to enter the sacred space of a silent mind, which is exactly what is necessary to maintain a healthy frontal lobe to make sound judgments, critical decisions, and avoid stress, Alzheimer’s and dementia. The scientific facts are in. Young people in their twenties and thirties have literally destroyed their frontal lobes with the abuse of technology and multitasking before they even had a chance to develop them. It is sad but regretfully true. The great news is that they still have a chance to make constructive changes in their lives to rebuild their frontal lobes because that part of our brain is dynamic. The title of the book is “Increase Your Brain’s Creativity, Energy, and Focus: Make Your Brain Smarter” authored by a neuroscientist Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD. The book shares a similar premise with the book “Super Brain” by Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph Tanzi, PhD. Happy New Year composed of precious moments, which you create with your precious gift of silence in solitude, desires, thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, actions – and ultimately form your destiny. Warmest regards – Alina πŸ™‚


    • Alina, sorry it’s taking me so long to respond… thank you for what you shared! I’m taking notes and will see if I find these interesting books in the library. Let’s be good artisan at creating special moments and forming our destinies! Anna πŸ™‚ May this be a wonderful year for you too.


  2. Hi, thank you so much for the message on my poem, “Happy Birthday. ” Really looking forward to the new year- Hope you are too. I Love your bilingual poetry. So sexy! What an incredible way to keep your mind nimble.

    I agree that silence and space are underrated and magic-your poem, “Intertextures, Crossing Rivieras.” …

    ” Wu is nothingness, emptiness, non-existence

    Thirty spokes of a wheel all join at a common hub
    yet only the hole at the center
    allows the wheel to spin
    Clay is molded to form a cup
    yet only the space within
    allows the cup to hold water
    Walls are joined to make a room
    yet only by cutting out a door and a window
    can one enter the room and live there

    Thus, when a thing has existence alone
    it is mere dead-weight
    Only when it has wu, does it have life”
    -Lao Tzu

    Keep wu-writing!



  3. I relate to the sentiment.

    I try to spend as much time as I can not on an island…but in the forest. That’s my sacred place. I drive 45 minutes go hiking about 3 hours or so at a time there, by myself, with lunch, my camera, a book and a journal. I always feel refreshed and revitalized when I come back.


  4. your poem Intertextures – Crossing Rivieras makes me think about how I feel like my shadow is in another place, another country – like I’m not really here at times when I want to be travelling. It also makes me think, personally, about the times I go on holiday and feel like it’s at the times when I have no distractions that I have to confront my dark side, or my “shadow” as your poem puts it. Thanks for liking my poem, I appreciate it.


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