California Notebooks, Dec. 2013




could it be pain

a chime – to call your

attention inside


to probe and identify

things lost in the mud

of daily duties


to face them

to make them

clear and clean


tiding up a messy

self hoping for

lesser luggage



2014-01-18 13.57.58

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  1. Oh, that’s a good one!

    I’ve had dreams about luggage for decades. There is always too much and I am always leaving, so it’s Luggage Triage.

    I had one recently where I actually had so little of any importance that I managed to get it all strapped onto my bicycle. I consider this progress.


    • So did I!!! Hunting dreams about airports and luggage… A bicycle definitely is progress 🙂 Thank you for your feedback, will meditate longer on emotional baggage and how to be healthier and burden free.


      • In that last dream with the bicycle, I suddenly realized that most of my stuff would fit really well into somebody’s yard sale. So I wasn’t worried about leaving it behind. It wasn’t worth carrying around, but it wasn’t worthless either. Somebody would take care of it, I felt.

        Usually I’m leaving it behind and it’s going to be in the way or damaged or otherwise unappreciated and I feel guilty about it, or think I have to somehow figure out how to retrieve it.

        So not only do I have less baggage lately, and am less attached to it, but the calibre of my baggage seems to have improved.

        This says tons about the inside of my head. In waking life, I’m better at letting go without being angry about it. It’s about grace, really.

        BTW, your blog motif rocks.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing the thought provoking and beautiful poem, Anna. It is as though it synchronized with my day of reflection. Warmest regards – Alina 🙂


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  4. Hi anna!

    This Portrait loves your writing style! He remembers this activity they had for creative writing. It was something of Pirandello where words from different newspapers/magazines when arranged made poetic sense. Have you tried that style? It’s great! It really fits your style. Just get some random magazines or papers. Pick some words you want and arrange them however. Then tell this Portrait what comes after.

    This Portrait


    • Thank you for your feedback and appreciation! I’m open to all creative improvements and Pirandello is one of the greatest writers ever, so we’ll see what will come out of your suggestion when I’ll try…


      • Wonderful! This Portrait will try and look for the one he did before then he’ll ping it back to you. Hope you’ll have fun with it! 🙂


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