California Notebooks, Dec. 2013




could poetry be

a way to dig down

and out to listen


to silence interpreting

clanging sounds

to separate words


suddenly come

alive in the arms

of your mind


ready to be

grasped and placed

tiding up logic


a string of letters

a hum of sounds

aligned with soul



2013-11-21 13.49.11

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  1. Thank you Anna. The poem is beautiful and brief, yet it says it all. The beauty of poetry is that it can be anything you want it to be. I get my inspiration from what I refer to as Clear Audience. However, a poet friend of mine uses the term “it is as though someone is standing behind me and whispers into my ear”. Love, create, and share – with endless enthusiasm – Alina 🙂


    • Alina, thank you! As always your feedback is so attentive and encouraging. So sorry I’m able to read most comments, and reply to them, only now… Hoping all is well with you, let’s keep enthusiasm, being tuned in and creativity up!!


  2. That poetry is working with words “suddenly come/alive in the arms/of your mind” is truly a lovely, but strong, image. Poetry is a laborious love, indeed–and you render it so lovingly. Bravo, Anna!


  3. “a string of letters

    a hum of sounds

    aligned with soul”

    As a poet, this gives me chills when I think about this! 😀 I love writing poetry about the essence and value of words. Wonderful poem! The split phrases between stanzas was provocative and it made me really understand the meaning! 🙂


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