California Notebooks, January 2014




I’ve learned
not to miss
what’s not there
silver nights
of solitude
under blue trees


I may still
long for what
we haven’t got

but it’s too much

to waste
this time
of peace

may not be
too much to some

but your skin is
soft against
my own


the distance
you need
to sleep

is an habit
of yours
not mine


my eyes probe
through and past
the palm leaves
a sky embraces
all the love
I’ve got


2014-01-15 13.29.48

14 responses »

  1. its interesting how you place the image at the bottom. I think it has more the palm trees are in the last lines. good thinkin.

    lovely work, too.

    your heart is beautiful in its solitude ~


  2. Thank you for recently liking a post. I write some poetry or prose, but mostly write of my life’s journey as it has been a complicated one. It is always an honor though when someone drops by that actually does write poetry as you do! Alesia


    • Alesia you are welcome! Life’s journeys are complicated yes but writing is a good way to bring the knots to the comb and make life flow smoother. Keep it up. Glad you like what I write.


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