Two Poems on Love Not Fear


Two of my poems on Love Not Fear became a part of the project BoycottAutismSpeak.

May we realize that love heals and leave no room for fear and all the off springs of it.

They can be read on their page clicking on the link below, please do.

I will also paste them on this page, as WP messed up the spaces there, and will place a flower picture for all who read. May we all be loving, embracing, delicate and gentle, our lives are but as these of flowers, happy Valentine.


Love not Fear


birds’ singing
goes deeper inside

an hearing above
the belly bottom

a land mower insists

cars going by with a
louder noise that sits

annoyingly only
between the ears



a few steps
into the unknown
will open wide your


your eyes to the invisible
seeing what we commonly
miss focusing on solids
that are not but space

in between finding
your space your universe
drawing yourself anew
ripping all negatives

from the past
a new picture
filling you overflowing
love gratitude and beauty

the wonders of new places
realities not seen yet
almost pain the

heart with joy




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  1. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for liking my little haiku on power and pettiness. My grandson (17) is on the autism spectrum. He lived with us from the age of 3-15. He taught/teaches us a whole new universe of brilliant creativity, gentleness and love. Love these two poems. Also love the word “spectrum” in ASD. Diversity is the thing that just might save us all.


    • I totally agree with you! Thank you for such nice feedback. Creativity, gentleness and love really are part of a different universe and it’s a privilege when they get close to us… anyway that may come 🙂


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