Not Rosaries Nor Missals – Luminous Things – March 2014



I loved luminous
things when I was
younger beside gold

I loved anything that
would glow in the dark

there wasn’t much of that
kind except small madonna
saints’ statuettes and rosaries

I’ll hide under the blankets
to marvel before dreaming

one day I braided my very

blonde hair in cornrows

together with the ceramic

beads were the plastic ones

the glow in the dark rosary

when I’ll go to sleep

these days I’ll have
(half) a luminous halo

around my angelic
head and a dazzling
greenish eerie collar

yoked clearly around
my shoulders when

I went to the disco



2013-07-05 15.59.45


For more of the ongoing Collection “Nor Rosaries Nor Missals”, published on July 2013, please use the search button to the right of the page.



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  1. Well done, thank you for coming by and reading my last entry, it was a good reminder to come by and read what you’ve been up to. I really enjoyed this.


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