Quaderni Californiani, 2014


la luna Γ¨ piena

io svuotata da mille
fatiche mi adagio in questa
acqua bollente forse illuminata
dal cielo giunga il silenzio
si avvicini il riposo

nascosto dalla luce
un mondo all’incontrario
un guizzo e una capriola per
ritrovarmi astro vagante sotto
dentro qualche luce spengo prima

i pensieri poi gli occhi vibro appena

leggera nello spazio
che mi sta dentro



Anna Mosca Copyrights 2014



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  1. Even though Google Translate seems to have butchered this translation, I know it is wonderful, from what I read. Thank you Ana. Peace. ~ Michael

    the moon is full

    I emptied by thousands
    I slowly labors in this
    boiling water perhaps illuminated
    from heaven comes the silence
    approaching the rest

    hidden from the light
    a world upside down
    a flash and a somersault
    astro find myself wandering under
    in some lights turn off before

    thoughts then your eyes just vibro

    light in space
    that is within me

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