California Notebooks, 2014



the art of handling time

handling an illusion if we
think of it to have

the impression
to immobilize it in

a moment of presence

when everything is clear by
the second we may say


wishful familiar
sound of water

back on itself

a fountain springing
up in a middle of a lake

occupying space for
a second even less
never still

a constant being
so let it be

2014-02-06 14.13.30




7 responses »

  1. Merveilleux poème, comme toujours…
    I do love the lines
    “A moment of presence”
    “a fountain springing
    up in a middle of a lake”
    (May because I love lakes :-)…
    Thank you so much for sharing your art, your talent and your poems.
    KInd regard from France


  2. ” Water falling back on itself ” I love it . That poem was my first smile of the morning,usually it goes to C. P. Singleton. That poem is the greatest metaphor for the life of all creatures. A split second in space, then back into itself. ” A fountain springing up in the middle of a lake. Love it


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