California Notebooks, 2014



I always wish
for my windows
to face the sun

a revolving house
I plan activities
around the light

moving courting
a gentle routine
caressing my walls

as the flowers heads
up and silent pride
is me contented

yours is a daily
kiss I crave for

2014-04-07 14.45.49



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  1. Remember Jimmy Hendricks’ famous line, from Foxy Lady, I believe, ” ‘Scuse me, while I kiss the sky” I Love sunlight, it’s DIRECT communication from the Sun. Light, after shedding some of it’s travelling companions. ANd another thing, ‘ loving more than allowed ? ‘ Do they have love police over there? And do you mean love, or romance, or lusty living. As a poet, sometimes being vague leaves too much to the imagination. Of course I say that tongue in cheek. Bad choice of words. Oh nevermind teacher. Later!


    • You know, I have a dim memory of learning of some house that did rotate, at least a bit, with the light, but I can’t think where it was. Probably something from about 1955, surely.


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