California Notebooks, 2014



before is the bird’s
song and the occasional
car passing by

then the refrigerator
freezing while shaking
the hot water boiler

or an airplane
far away the mailman
comes dropping

volumes of papers
we need to lift glance
at a minute then dispose

that’s how days roll
away how solitude
serves me well

2014-04-07 14.49.30




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  1. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura and commented:
    Came across this smll gem while exploring the poetry section of “Reccommended blogs. Read the first part, passed by, went back read tthe whole poem, passed by, then came back to re-post it. It is one of those small things that get stuck in your head. Enjoy.>KB


  2. Anna, I always love your poetry and artwork, but the last stanza took my breath away: ‘that’s how the days roll/away’ such powerful usage of imagery/language from so many sources. Gorgeous.


    • Thank you for commenting Carolyn, happy you like it. Yes, the ordinary can be extraordinary and viceversa, that is the way I like to see life. Extraordinary things happen to me all the time now 😉


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