Fiabe in 100 parole – 100 Words Fairy Tales


– Post in Italian and in English –

Le fiabe sono magiche, oggi come allora. Giulio Perrone editore indice un concorso per fiabe lunghe solo 100 parole. La mia viene accettata e pubblicata nella collana L’Erudita.

Eccola qua, tratta da Fiabe in 100 parole:


di Anna Mosca

In una piccola torre sul mare viveva una bambina vestita d’azzurro. Aveva un piccolo balcone e tante piantine da accudire. Quando usciva sotto al sole si versava sulle piante e sembrava di cielo tanto era leggera e felice. Ma quando la notte scendeva si nascondeva e a volte diventava molto triste. Dimenticava che aveva un letto caldo, un gattino nero, un buon libro e la luce delle stelle tra le lacrime. Solo quando aveva un cuore grato dormiva bene. Allora sul cuscino i suoi capelli d’oro sembravano corona e volava dentro e fuori i sogni, portando nelle braccia infiniti colori.


ISBN 978-88-6770-069-1


2014-05-12 23.31.17


Fairy tales are magic, today as it was before. Giulio Perrone Publishing announces, a few months ago, a competition to write fairy tales only 100 words long. Mine is accepted and published. The book is only in Italian but as the fairy tale is almost a poem I decided to translated here for those who will be interested in it:

by Anna Mosca

Once upon a time, a girl perpetually clothed in a beautiful shadow of blue, lived in a tower, right by the sea. She had a small balcony filled with potted plants to care for. When she poured herself out to them, under the sunshine, she seemed to be part of the sky, light and happy. But, when night came, she hid away, sometimes feeling really sad. She was forgetful about her warm bed, her black kitten, her books and the light of the star shining among her tears. Only when she had a grateful heart did she have a good night sleep. Then, her golden hair on the pillow looked like a crown and she was flying, in and out of many dreams, carrying in her arms infinite colors.




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  1. Anna, you have an interesting blog and I enjoyed reading your short fairy tale of “The Indigo Girl.” I will return and hope you will too. Cheers 🙂


  2. 🙂 Once upon a time there was a man who lived deep, deep within the earth. He drank from the earth during the day, from a chalice filled with water, and during the night he placed the chalice on a small shrine in his home, where vines crept over it, and guaranteed it would refill by morning. One day, it didn’t refill, and when he went to drink from it and realized it was empty, and dry, he did not weep, but smiled and loved it more. Eventually, its empty nature, as dry as smooth stone, brought his soul more joy than the water ever brought his body.


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