California Notebooks, 2014



each flower has its own
bee for a time been hugged
and pillaged yet giving

gladly not a flower runs
away some fall in the
ditch where water

slowly runs looking up

sprinklers themselves
start a rainbow in the thin
air for me to see having

a shorter life than theirs



2014-02-14 10.05.06.



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  1. Like water droplets in a fountain falling back on itself, but the rainbow lives longer. This one’s for you Anna, coming back to life after 20 years in my archives
    ————- —- ————-
    Fulfilling physical and Cosmological needs
    Busy Little Bee toes tickle Blushing Petals
    Drizzle Blessings on Beauty Flowering

    Kindness attracts gossamer treats to their souls
    Gently waking the Spirit budding thru need
    Awareness alights, pollinates truth
    With Angelic winged beauty
    Being is then justified
    Fulfilling them
    And us

    I’ll post this on WordPress sometime later on as a tribute to your posts. Thanks.


      • O.K I just checked facebook and there is a post up with mention and reprint that I posted on WordPress. But I have another one on Flowers that I think Is more to the heartbreak on which I surmise, (I may be wrong) you were alluding.


  2. “each flower has its own
    bee for a time been hugged…”

    Apologies for cutting up you poem, but these lines hit me.
    Could mean many many things I suppose.
    Or maybe just one.

    Perhaps to me it reminds me of lost youth (Yeah that is probably a stretch for some, but it makes perfect sense to me)

    I need to ponder these words, but rest assured, I love them.
    Great work Anna.



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