California Notebooks, 2014



what I miss
is the time moving
slowly creating a still
silence inside

watching the clouds
surf slowly and the grass
grow tall when the rain
is done

walking uphill
seeing the sea from
afar holding its smell
on my skin

my time immersed
in beauty my time
my days my habits
I hold nothing


2014-04-05 17.16.36




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      • Anna,
        You said ‘desert” (maybe a foreshadowing of my last comments on your page about deserts?)
        Now I remember. Your writing brings to my mind, Joni MItchell.
        So, here is what came to my mind.
        Hope I am not overbearing by linking this to your work. But I think it apropos.
        Peace My Good Friend.


  1. Dear Anna,

    Hello my dear friend, I am delighted to hear from you once again with such poetic grace that so masterfully exudes from your heart! I am in the Seattle area, wind and sea water is all around me. It is literally just a matter of minutes for me to travel to a place where I can put my feet in the water, walk along the beach area, and smell the brine in the water carried by the breezes that are always moving about wherever I go here.

    Accordingly, your words bring back thoughts of my recent days and quiet reflections of my last visit that is only 10 minutes from my front door. Thank you for making a wonderful moment that much richer for me in retrospect, and as always, gracing my mind with your amazing poetry!

    MD 🙂


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