California Notebooks, 2014



may we find a way
to silence the loud
obsessive thoughts

sons of fear to welcome
the ones shaped as wings
a conglomerate of lightness

feathers on strong muscles
to allow us to soar through
life’s beauty with our beak

open wide



2014-04-24 12.53.53.




About anna mosca

Artist, poet, photographer, reader, lover, walker, traveler. Feeling in wilderness. Been writing lots of poetry, taking less pictures, teaching a whole lot, traveling less than usual, loving more than allowed, riding public city bikes and not planes, puzzled over paintings. Beside all those forms I am.

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  1. Anna, you’ve outdone yourself. Anyone who has ridden the merry-go-round of obsessive thinking like me finds these words a fragranced zephyr. A recovered/recoverying mind uses this as its meditation mantra. Thanks again.


  2. It is a good day to check in on your blog, and read this excellent gift to your co-bloggers and other sojourners! For me, it was the first stanza that I am drawn to: “We may we find a way
    to silence the loud … obsessive thoughts … ” Have a good weekend. Oh, one more thought: the words from alexfnesmith, tap something, not so much regarding my own firsthand experience, but because my aspergers son has to live with obsessive thinking. Keep writing, my friend. T


      • …poetry emerges from a need to express ourselves…a desire to be understood…as the poetic voice matures it seeks to understand…i do hope you read the duet & realize i spent a wonderful morning letting your words echo in my deep hart’s core…your talent will only blossom if you read more than you write! having written this…never stop writing! ❤ marc


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