California Notebooks, 2014


I like to see
things from afar

to climb hills or
even stairs

see things in
their right


not available
for grabs

me up there
where I should be

almost gone
totally here



2014-08-01 18.57.16




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  1. Anna, I love how the poem structure and short, snappy word choices go hand-in-hand, so that reading the poem itself makes me feel like I’m on stairs, too! The character seems so distant (“up there”) and yet present at each step.


      • Yes that is indeed very true. But I think we are all of a mind or another. If our mind is influenced by mean people then it is not our fault, it is still down to us and those who care to resolve the situation. I am truly in a cage, I am innocent. Oppression, the great white man in the sky.


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