Dreams from The California Notebooks, 2015



last night I fell in bed
my body loaded

with past worries
each limb lead

I placed my hair
nicely around my head

shutting doors and eyelids
I entered sleep

many worlds were there
I was light going places

there were miracles
even healing and justice

done I played them over
and over going back as

many times as my rest let me
when awakened I was no good

I could not return to life I clung
stoutly to each dream in a doze

in a willingness to believe
the alchemy of transferring

dreams’ revelations into
the actual daily thinking



2014-04-01 12.24.36




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  1. I cannot say the right things about this piece, as I am not a poet; and, sometimes the words I want are elusive. At the core of it all, I like this poem … Two of the forces, here, are fatigue and sleep, and both have their own mystical substance. I avoid the “black-and-white” world as much as possible. And with your fatigue, and your sleep, here … in this beautiful poem … I appreciate the tension of not knowing fully what is happening in this place of fatigue and sleep … and dreams. ‘Always a bonus when I come to visit, my friend.


  2. oh my gosh, wonderful again. i LOVE this poem. i find it astonishing how often i can relate to your poetry. i have always loved poetry, but have often found it so personal that many times i did not see myself in someone else’s poems… though i still enjoyed them. with your poetry, i can really feel and sometimes taste what you are writing about. πŸ™‚ thank you.


    • Beth, what you wrote here is so encouraging! Thank you. I’m so glad you can relate and feel so close to what I write, that’s all a writer asks for. Maybe we should start thinking about putting them to music? It may turn out great… Let’s think about it. I will be back in Europe late spring πŸ˜‰


  3. absolutely refreshing, the way your words portray inner realities, “in a willingness to believe
    the alchemy of transferring”, absolutely splendid! stirred things inside my soul that ceased to exist tonight!


  4. I feel like this a lot these days – going to sleep feeling heavy with my thoughts. In a dream state the other night, I managed to come up with the theme and some of the details for a celebration that I am planning. I always keep a pen and paper beside my bed because I seem to get very creative thoughts in my sleep. Your poem really struck a chord – nicely written. Thanks!


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