California Notebooks 2014 featuring on IPM today (audio version too)



compare love
to water

in its many manifesting

solid and fluid
misty and evaporating

going up and coming down
never ceasing existing

always present

one form or


(The audio versions can be found, at the end of the poem, here )


confronta l’amore
con l’acqua

nelle sue tante

solido e fluido
nebuloso e etereo

che sale e poi scende
senza mai smettere

d’esistere sempre

presente in una maniera
o nell’altra







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  1. A very nice poem that reveals both the simplicity and the complexity of love. Giving life to the meaning of love through a simple metaphor that expands into many layers of perspective,


  2. Ah, never ceases in one form or the other, the ocean waves can be calm and lovely or raging dipping, dipping then the foam explodes again and the breadth is taken before once again dipping. it never ceases but it does change the calm even though the calm in some forms is not welcome the drowning until breadth has to be take often preferred changes the change does not mean it has ceased just another form, another form. great poem, great poem and for me there is real truth, real real reality.


  3. I love how your words flow with your imagery – liquid wisdom! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am always wowed by how this forum allows us to connect with others regardless of distance. Cheers from Canada!


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