California Notebooks 2014 featuring on IPM today (audio version too)



wishing for one more
soundless day

swimming quietly
at the bottom of
a sea of written words

squealing and chirping
if any outside

the time held
between night

and day between
sleep and awakening


(The audio versions can be found, at the end of the poem, here on the IPM page

desidero un altro
giorno silenzioso

dove nuoto tranquilla
sul fondo di un mare
di parole scritte

stridii e cinguettii
ve ne fossero fuori

il tempo sospeso
tra la notte

e il giorno tra
il sonno e la veglia


2015-01-08 13.31.39




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  1. This piece has that beautiful tension, again, ” … the time held between night and day between
    sleep and awakening … ” somewhat similar to what I read and enjoyed in an earlier poem where you wrote about falling into sleep, and dreams, and fatigue. The first lines feel like an honorable longing, “Wishing for one more soundless day ..” and longings are profound.


  2. I am lost for words ,for me this poem is tranquillity and the gentle longing for silence so wonderfully and again gently entwined it does not let the longing destroy the silence. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem which has just been lovely. Kathy.


    • Hi Kathy, I was so sure I did reply to you but, on second look here, I see no comment of mine posted, sorry… thank you for both your comments and for sharing how also the image touched and spoke to you. I really appreciate your imput.

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  3. Forgot to say I love the image of the beautiful little cherub angel so peaceful, the cracks on the face represent tears for me ; tears maybe caused as the peace is disturbed, it really is a great image to go with your poem here.


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