Dreams From The California Notebooks 2015


the wave of sleep
this time tall and longer
covers us both

as we lay there I could
hear the breath’s rhythm
change and the deep

surrender of the limbs
the mind going away
into oblivion images

dancing in front of me
a Matisse painting







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  1. Hey! I like your articulation of perceiving another falling asleep. Instantaneous agreement of the feeling of my girlfriend falling asleep in my arms. I’m working on a piece, last chapter “The Price is Right, Grand Master Torgafiend” that explores the perceptions of falling asleep from a first-person prose perspective. Maybe you would like to critique it?


    • Hi, thank you so much for your comment and your offer. I would like to accept it but at the moment I’m totally swamp, even replying on my own blog gets postdated. Thank you for thinking about me for it!

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