Anna Mosca: Amo i confini per poterli varcare/I love borders to be able to cross them


June 2015 was a good month and the last day held a surprise for me, a good one. A full page article on an online magazine in Italy. Here is the link to the page in Italian and below is the full translation of the same article in English. I hope you enjoy it.


Giugno è stato un buon mese e l’ultimo giorno mi ha riservato una gradita sorpresa. Un’articolo su una rivista online italiana. Ecco il link all’articolo in italiano mentre sotto c’è l’intera traduzione dell’articolo in inglese. Spero che vi piaccia.





From The Magazine Vorrei
“Anna Mosca: I love living near the borders to be able to cross them”

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Written by Valentina Selini

We are meeting here with the artist who founded “Luminesia” a project/workshop aiming to raise awareness, to encourage people to see beyond, to feel deeper. “Luminesia” is the place where you get to use the camera while being aware that emotions have a face, and that face has to be shown.

I met Anna Mosca by chance, and then we both agreed that chance does not exist. She is an artist, a poet, a photographer, an art professor and so much more. I was immediately fascinated by her world. She has recently returned from America, she lives in Arcore now. Our conversation grew out of proportion due to the flow of thoughts and of free associations between our mutual experiences and history. Through the years she has designed exhibitions and personal performances, highlighting the development of the concept through the employment of the written word. Words that becomes poetry. Words are present both in her art installations as in her poetry readings, organized and lined up in the same way as they are found in her artistic expression, that uses photography to blend light, space, lines and sends us back, once more, to the poetic synthesis.

Not all of us are artists, but we must agree art speaks to everyone. Contemporary art is mostly images and words. Anna tells me, at length, of her artistic experiences, her travels, and her desire to kindle in others a spark.

One of the stories that impressed me the most, is that of “Luminesia”, a project aiming to raise awareness, to encourage people to see beyond, to feel deeper.  Here is the place where you get to use the camera while being aware that emotions have a face and that face has to be shown. Luminesia starts as a project done with – and for – the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan Media (ACME). Professor Mosca’s photography courses, throughout her teaching years, always run through the initial stage of the self-portrait practice. Most of the students do not like this stage. They do not like to get “naked” in front of classroom, sort of speak. To show pictures of themselves, to a group of students and to a teacher whom they just met, embarrasses the majority of them. This happens all the times, even in spite of the psychological texts suggested as support to the goal. Support aiming to help to take the first steps of self-awareness, to understand “who am I”, before getting to photograph others. Only at a later stage, for the advanced students, and not in all the courses she held of Specialized Photography, she happened to work with poetry.  Poetic texts were chosen so that everyone could try to portray their emotional flow. A flow that was photographically speaking depending on their sensitivity.
Therefore: to tell about oneself and to tell others.



When she found a very receptive Beginners Class, in 2012, Anna decided to start a project of identification that was going deeper, by letting herself, this time, to be “exposed” by disclosing, to the newly enrolled students, her poetic work. Enabling them to have a closer look.
Anna says “Poetry is an intimate conversation, so we established a dialogue of mutual vulnerability”, and adds “We also started a blog to collect and display this project:
There we publish, not the full path of discovery belonging to each student but, a single photo, selected out of many, as an explanatory text, as if we were a gallery on line. It is important to understand that the poem is to be understood not as the title of the image rather as a work of art functional and complementary. Poetry is emotion, and a representation of something, and so is photography. Luminesia is a place at the top of a road going uphill. It may be difficult to get there, we may get out of breath on the way, but the return is a ride downhill, on which we run free, feeling light and with no brakes.”

The academic project Luminesia has now become open to the “consenting adults” (a joke about students having to do their assignments) under the name “Luminesia4U”. They choose to participate in this exploration and to address their emotions, by identification, through poetry and photography. This act of consciousness – observation – will not only identify emotions, chasing them down so to modify them, but will initiate a process that allows us to go up higher of an octave and to get to a more positive, harmonious and healing place. What you do in practice?
“In two words, and just touching the surface here: We try to identify with a written poem (a story that uses synthetic language and universal images) an emotion residing in us. Poems can differentiate from each other in form, language and content. When you find your own you  make it a unique personal expression by changing language. You do not respond to a poem with another poem but with a photographic image, to dissect the emotion aroused and to make it visible to us first of all and to others. Our eyes eventually discover in the photographs an unconscious code that is ever present. The self-portrait is then, not a vague image but, it’s the self-portrait of an emotion, that run through us, of a precise personal feeling. ”

Anna Mosca: Project Luminesia ©, @ Academy Acme from Dec. 2012 to Nov. 2013

Our meeting was unfortunately short, considering its potential, but intense. We shared personal stories, common artistic knowledge and life experiences, similar likes and passions not to mention a desire for the future to share experiences and stories. Anna gave me a beautiful little book “Charge Me With The Sin of Wanting to Survive” (Imputami il peccato di voler sopravvivere – only in Italian). I’m reading it today and unfortunately I’m almost at the end. In this little book of poems, written by her, I find the poem that I would like to photograph: “I love living near the borders to be able to cross them-“

For info:

By Valentina Selini




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  1. Beautiful! What an insightful project. Though I have not been able to comment often enough, I read every one of your posts. They encourage and delight and inspire me as an artist. Love you!!


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