UN PETALO – A PETAL – video poetry


The following minimalist video was shown for the second appointment organized by Archivio Dedalus in Milan, Italy, on Saturday July 11th 2015, together with the documentary on Franco Loi realized by Pezzella and a few others productions by independent filmakers.

The project aims to contribute to Expocittà Milano with cultural additions such as Feed Your Soul.
May I remember that the focus of Expo 2015 is Feed the Planet. Videos had to be part of one of two categories: Herbarium or Bestiary. My evocative video belongs to Herbarium this time, taking you from a petal to an internal journey. At the previous appointment I presented a video poem on My Black Cat that you may have seen or can be seen here on my blog.

On youtube you’ll find an explanation of this suggestive short video in English and here is a link to the original poem as it was previously posted here on WordPress.

Click, or copy and paste, the link below. Comments here and there are welcome, enjoy it!






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