Not Rosaries Nor Missals – I Was Right – July 2015



in darkness I gathered
knowledge success and fame
they spell as bulimia none filling

as far as I let the ego talk louder
it forged my thoughts I was right
of course everyone else wrong

gently I was allowed to run
kindly led to a revelation’s
my own throne was darkness

I had no power to leave
blindness bounded me
I was out of touch but for him



2013-07-05 15.59.26




“Not Rosaries Nor Missals” is a collections of poems started on July 2013. The poems, about a spiritual journey, have the habit to pop up here, for a maximum count of seven, in July of each year. This one overlaps into August. The older poems of the collection can be found and read using the Search Window to the right.



2 responses »

  1. i like them all … they speak without telling me
    what they speak of … so i can search through the mystery
    and perhaps see myself within …

    jeeze … i haven’t seen you in a while … thanks for the visit ..

    tell me … what brought you to my words this time ?? ? … ks


    • Hi Kurt! Thanks for your feed back and roaming through them, they are some set apart poems… same roaming that brought me back to your writing and ahhh the snow on your board (it’s been near 100 for 60 days now with no A/C relief and no rain but one night in Italy) 😉


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