Not Rosaries Nor Missals – Past Locked Doors – July 2015



I was taken
behind the altar
to the choir seats

even behind that
past locked doors
to private rooms

beautifully adorned walls
filled with secrets doors
compartments carved

floors long planned
huge desks to think at
pondering villagers’ lives

I could not stop filling
the spaces looking
around feeling everything

under my fingertips
the wood and marble
the walls encrusted

2013-07-05 15.56.34.



“Not Rosaries Nor Missals” is a collections of poems started on July 2013. The poems, about a spiritual journey, have the habit to pop up here, for a maximum count of seven, in July of each year. The older poems of the collection can be found and read using the search window.




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  1. Anna, your poem reminds me vividly of times when I go into church, and no one is there. And the quiet is so dense as I run my fingers over the wooded seats, the brick walls and the worn out carpet. And I feel something that’s real. And I am connected with those who were there before me.


    • So happy the poem “took” you there where you experienced the same beauty I found. Those are the best moments, those in the dense quite, where the physical is transcended. Thank you for your comment Eleni. 🙂


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