Stillness From The California Notebooks, 2015


it’s the ticking
away all the minutes
collected as seeds planted

in rows

all the words kept
in some black holes
where we’ll eventually end

up too
where the horizon is
brighter and dawn thinner



best one 41kb




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  1. ” all the words kept in black holes ” ….such a beautiful line …I love the depth of this poem and how it touches me ( I think stones are the earths original words ) thank you too for visiting me this morning …love , megxxx


    • Hi Meg, you are welcome! I just love your picture in parenthesis (stones as the earths original words – stones are a wonder themselves), what I call food for thoughts, and so many more images can come out of it! Beautiful comment, thank you, love and serenity to you as well…

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    • ciao πŸ™‚ Beth! nice to see you here as well, thank you for commenting… doesn’t the picture effect you just as the poem does? feeling like you need to have your eyes going back and back again, caressing shapes and lines…


  2. The way you use words, in your poetry, seems to blur the distinction between the verbal, and the visceral line, and form, of visual art: Simply stunning!


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