Nights From The California Notebooks


we see stars
as they burn

it was time ago

we orbit the sun we
cannot live

apart from light

even in the darkest
night we seek stars

it’s an impulse that
comes naturally

floating in darkness

we seem to
live from illusion

to illusion light
years away from truth



2015-03-15 19.08.47




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  1. Well, technically, how do you know that they still exist? πŸ˜€ the starlight we see is thousands of years old.. and they might have already died a long time ago, but we still do not know about it.. Yes, so, illusion after all.. until proven otherwise…
    Ah, ok, there goes the romance.. (*Sigh.. I always have to be a pedant…. ) hehe..

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  2. Beautiful poem, Anna. In “A Course in Miracles” there is a line: “To darkness, light is the enemy. To the light, darkness does not exist.” I like to quote, but as a person born on November 27, I think that there is an advantage to darkness since it motivates us to slow down and reflect. I come from a 4 season climate in Poland, and I live in a 4 season climate region in the U. S. I may not prefer the cold weather, but there is something mysterious about changing seasons. My older son was born on December 21, which is the shortest sequence of daylight until Xmas. I love when the Earth tilts again, naturally in coherence with the cosmos, and we start to see more daylight. I love the Summer, but I also love when it ends and we transition into Autumn. I guess, we can always find something mysterious and enchanting in Mother Nature if we are only willing to low down a bit and pay attention. Warmest regards πŸ™‚

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    • Love your comment Alina, sorry it took me a while to get back to it. I love that quote I often meditate on such things and they are always a revelation. I too was born in the coldest time of the year in Italy (4season country, though they used to be more defined) January 7 but to me summers there are always too short! I loved to land back in CA last week, so I had a bit of Autumn and a taste of winter but I’m back into summer now, going toward a short winter. Perfect for me. And this morning as I walked I smelled jasmines, lots of them and it brought me back to spring in Italy! Our senses interpreting the present and allowing us to time travel at times πŸ™‚


    • Ciao Beth dear, nice to read your comment. Glad it contribute to some of your craving for astronomy, I’m always hungry for such things and always feel in front of a huge treasure chest.
      If you end up writing some songs about this please make sure you make me read it. Happy creative moments! Love


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