Happy New Year From California


It’s my honest wish all of you reading may have a powerful and serene new year in the practice of gratitude. May beauty abound to you!



may we find a way

to silence the loud

obsessive thoughts


sons of fear to welcome

the ones shaped as wings

a conglomerate of lightness


feathers on strong muscles

to allow us to soar thorough

life’s beauty with our beaks


open wide




desert way




  • Poem from taken from “California Notebooks” my new book just released on Amazon.com





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  1. One of my professors, James Bertolio, gave the class what I still consider one of the most difficult poem assignments: a toast. It was a form of which he was particularly fond, and had over the years crafted quick the “skill” in it. Yours is quite splendid toast. Apart from the rhythm and flow, the sentiment express does not shy away from the realities of life, just a great wedding toast will not shy away from the realities of sustaining a relationship over decades. Yet while doing so, the toast offers the hope of the speaker in such a way that captures the real possibility of overcoming the challenges and achieving something close to serenity or peace or intimacy, just as yours has done.

    I love the notion you capture with image of feathers (wings) as “a conglomerate of lightness” – that united, and only by being united, have the strength to allow us to overcome the challenges, “…beaks / open wide”.

    If you are interested, here is a link to Bertolino’s “Wedding Toast”:

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  2. Reblogged this on Elusive Trope and commented:
    Below is a wonderful New Year poem using the kind of poem I would refer to as “a toast.” As I explain in the comment section, this was one of the most difficult poem assignments I was given by a professor. Anna Mosca’s poems is an exquisite example of a toast.

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