My Birthday EN/ITA Il mio compleanno


Hu, my birthday was yesterday and I wanted to post to myself this poem 🙂 but then I got carried away floating and here it is today


after decades spent
in the seriousness of being
pondering judging achieving

fastening my seat belt
to the land of lightness
where island do float

as all my thoughts
in enchanted bliss
here silently I am


Poem from the newly released book “California Notebooks” if you wish to give yourself a copy as a gift click here



2014-12-22 09.16.03


Ah, il mio compleanno è stato ieri, volevo postare questa poesia ma poi mi sono dimenticata… eccola qui, oggi



decenni sono stati consumati
soppesando giudicando conquistando
nella severità dell’essere

aggiusto la mia cintura di sicurezza
per il paese della leggerezza
dove le isole galleggiano

come tutti i miei pensieri
in un estasi incantata
io sono qui silenziosa


Poesia tratta dal nuovo libro “California Notebook” in vendita da Feltrinelli se volete farvi un regalo cliccate qui




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    • Alina, hello! I’ve missed you! Thank you for the happy birthday wishes, was happy to read you… I’ll need some help to understand about the transition and what is a “state person”? State as a “state of being” or state as a denomination of belonging to a place or working for a government?!? you are always coming from some weird planet and I like it where you come from!!! 😀 🙂


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