Mornings From The California Notebooks



early mornings awakenings
one step after another

a habits that sets
me on the way

who do I meet
on my path

if not wounded

a shy roadrunner
without a claw

a shiny large crow
with a broken wing

and then there’s me
mending my dreams




controluce palma




Poem from the newly released poetry book “California Notebooks” to get your own copy  click here



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  1. Hey! You ever thought of getting together on a Skype? I like your poetry and your look – we can have a time alone and discuss the politics of he American left, if you like? I’m enthralled. Here is my skype address – bruce.saunders49


    • Ciao Beth, thank you, I’ve a special love for this poem and the itinerary of a sleepy head such as mine in the early AM? It’s in the book you got for your mom, hope it touches her as well :-*


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