Places From The California Notebooks



It’s the beauty we hold
and carelessly wear around
what we’ll be missing more

I’ve been that route

bumps holes crevices
known to me – if you’ll let me
stop the nonsense and hold
dear what we have



2014-04-07 15.37.31.

Poem from the newly released poetry book “California Notebooks” to get your own copy  click here




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  1. Hi Anna, I like this on-the-road poem and it reminds me of an on-the-road trip through the Prealpi Bergamasche when we went to read our stuff in a nice mountain poetry festival. I’m glad of your happiness in California but I hope there’ll be a next epiphany. 🙂


    • Ciao Alessandro, nice to read your comment and to know you like this poem. Thank you! I’m coming back soon, springtime will carry me back, looking forward to more readings together in Italy! 😀


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