Shoah, Commemoration (EN/ITA)


January 27th is the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. I received an unexpected email yesterday, one of my poems had been chosen by the jury of the Aurelia Josz Milano Prize to be published on their official and institution sites for the Commemoration. Needless to say I am very moved and touched. The poem is in Italian, here is the translation. Further below is the original text.

It’s a tight fist
lacking courage to extend,
to clear itself from the shoulder
on which I lay my mouth,
supple, on contracted phalanx.

I lay and I do not bite, I do not growl,
I inhale slowly, I observe
myself, reflected,
waiting for things to change
around me.

Do not act out, do not use violence,
slowly undo the tissue paper wrapped on my life,
on the untold solitude,
on the tired
plodding on
of the crippled.



Il 27 gennaio è è la Giornata Internazionale de La Memoria delle Vittime dell’Olocausto. Ho ricevuto un’email inaspettata ieri che diceva che una delle mie poesie era stata prescelta dalla giuria del Premio Aurelia Josz di Milano e sarebbe stata pubblicata sui siti ufficiali e istituzionali. Non serve dire che sono profondamente emozionata e commossa. Ecco il testo in originale.



E’ un pugno chiuso
che non ha il coraggio di stendersi,
di liberarsi dalla spalla
sul quale appoggio la bocca,
soffice, su falangi contratte.

Appoggio e non addento, non ringhio,
respiro lenta, mi osservo,
restare immobile
attendo che le cose cambino

Non agire, non usare violenza,
svolgere con cura la carta velina intorno alla mia vita,
alla solitudine non raccontata,
all’arrancare faticoso,
dello zoppo.




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  1. This is very emotionally primordial, and also descriptive of an awakening awareness of the human ability to choose how to react to danger. Also, it implies that the perpetrators of atrocities are also acting on volition. The “Why?” is too complex to address here, and/or we have not yet achieved that level of consciousness… Complex and powerful! CO gratulations on having your work recognized!

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    • Thank your for your encouraging, beautiful and profound comment, so glad it stirred you Stephaniel. The question “?” provokes only silence cause no words suffice. I hope this poem does help people somehow…


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