Further on Commemoration (EN/ITA)


Here is another one of my poems published last week for the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust on the Aurelia Josz Milano site. I’m grateful for it and grateful also to those who asked me for a translation of this one as well. Further below is the original text in Italian.


Where the war airport once was
in Arcore, across from Gilera,
now is an olive trees field,
in Brianza,

they are doubled over, taut, robust,
pained it seems,
drinking from below
overflowing of the fallen.

Suspended –
pressed the note
resembling silences
soothing imagination.



2013-06-30 14.29.45.



Dove c’era l’aeroporto di guerra

ad Arcore, davanti alla Gilera,

ora c’è un campo di ulivi,

in Brianza,


sono contorti, tesi, forti,

sofferenti sembra,

bevono dal sottosuolo

saturo di caduti.


Sospende –

spinge la nota

sembrano dei silenzi

calmano la mente.




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