Poetry From The California Notebooks



a river pouring
you are not rushing

to me poetry flows
out is hard to contain

I’ve no hands for that use
I’ve new eyes to embrace

strong legs clasped around
it’s an odd place wonderful

to be tell me what is
new today with you



2015-03-15 14.07.47


Poem from the newly released poetry book “California Notebooks” to get your own copy  click here




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  1. I Sit, poised on the edge of spring
    and something greater yet.
    I wonder oddly if this is what it’s like to be newly pregnant; to know something incredible and life-changing has occurred and wait, breathless, in wonder for the first sight of the new world born within me.
    Somehow it is also like being at the airport, filled with excitement for the adventure to come yet, grieving a life to be left behind that, for all its flaws and sorrows, has been a home dear to me.
    This is the moment of quiet, before the thunderstorm, poised between fear and wonder. I am content, thank you for asking.

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    • I love the first two lines, a poem itself. I love to read you are content and for you to share that and more with me, with us. What I love the best is your announcement of a new world forming inside of you. I’ll be on top of the universe thrilled with excitement. You are blessed! 😀

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