Intervista TV/TV interview 03-2016


Buongiorno a tutti, ecco il link a una recente intervista tv nella quale si ripercorre il mio cammino artistico!

L’intervista è in italiano, dura 90 minuti e con me sono stati intervistati altri 3 artisti il giorno di pasquetta, ecco il perchè delle uova sul background.

Essendo ora caricata su youTube potete avanzare veloce, tornare indietro, metterla in pausa o quello che vi pare. Poi fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate…

Buona visione!


Howdy everyone,

here is a quick message with a link to a recent interview on an Italian TV network on which my artistic career, starting from the high fashion modeling days, the recording of a hit song in Italy to the arts and poetry days, is told and shown in archival pictures.

Lots of room is given to poetry, I even mention this blog and your support (thank you guys!) and I’m asked to present my latest book, the bilingual collection of the California Notebooks.

This interview is in Italian (some of you may enjoy the practice of the language, some just watching the moving pictures, some may enjoy peeking in, LOL), it is 90 minutes long and three other artists are being interviewed with me. It was shot on Easter Monday, in case you are wondering why the colorful eggs on the background!

It’s now on youTube so you can fast forward it, or paused it, at your leisure. Your comments are welcome, here and there. Have fun!



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  1. You look perfect and charming on camera : ) And the way you tell about the things, though I slightly understand Italian. : ) It’s necessary to make these self-revelations and summaries what we do and how we see the world, people, nature now and then.

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  2. Thank you Yourly Ku for your feedback, so glad you do understand some Italian. It turned out to be an interview that got a lot of attention, hopefully we’ll have a future one in English some day!

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