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Here is the English version of yesterday’s post. I appreciate your patience.

I’m excited and humbled to announce I won the first price of the Aurelia Josz Milano Poetry Competition 2016. The ceremony was held in Milan, Italy, at the Botanical Museum on May 24 with the jury, the board of the association Aurelia Josz Milano, the city officials, and the director of KKL Israel.

Aurelia Josz was a mighty woman who in the first half of 1900 started the first ever Agrarian School For Women in Italy, especially for the orphaned ones so they could support themselves. She was a well learned woman who promoted literacy and schooling for women. Of Jewish origins her life ended cruelly due to the racial laws that came with the Second World War.

To honor her name and my contribution to her memory with my poem, on top of the prize and the certificate, Keren Kaymeth LeIsrael, the oldest ecological organization in the world, has planted a tree, bearing my name, in the forest of Baram, Israel. I’m still floating around in gratefulness and amazement.

Here is my own translation of the poem, originally written in Italian.
The subject of the competition was “Borders and Trails”:

perhaps I live for ever
beyond the world’s borders
without realizing

those limits useless talks
and mean chit-chats
laid out as spider webs

perhaps I fly protected

in the blinding light
and at night I cry
cause I did not grasp it



Foto per Post Aurelia Josz 05-2016





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    • Thank you John for sharing my joy! Yes, I’m floating around in gratefulness and amazement because it humbles me that one of my poems “got me a tree” in the land of Psalm… Symbolic 😉

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  1. How exciting! I feel your joy with delight. My heart and mind are borderless too. I have a cousin who would resonate with this poem as well. She is a cofounder of Translators Without Borders. All best wishes:)

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