Dreaming From The California Notebooks



was dreaming of

sunny awakenings

sweet cuddling and

words few – tight together


was getting out to say

good morning – gratitude

will not fail me

a smile in spite

of everything


I will hold



my hands




GYUY1415 copy




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  1. anna, the lines “gratitude/ will not fail me/ a smile in spite/ of everything” are a wonderful “turn” in the poem, which then becomes a statement about courage. the title of your blog “just another WordPress.com site” also then seems to be false modesty. i’ve read a lot of poetry on WordPress sites, and most are not nearly this good. — michael


    • Thank you so much Michael for your encouraging and uplifting comment. I’m always so touched when readers take the time to point out to me what got their attention. Funny you mention that title cause it just jumped up to my attention yesterday – as if I never seen it before – when I was notified I reached a high number of followers. It’s a default title I never took the time to change (yet), at this point I’m open to suggestions. I do appreciate your compliment on the quality of my work. Have a serene week-end. Anna


  2. I’m sorry, but I have to say, this time it was the picture that got my attention. Absolutely beautiful. Your eyes – oh my god! I’m a portrait artist/ figure painter, so I hope that justifies my stalkerish behaviour!? 🙂 Your poems are delightful too nonetheless.


    • LOL Sarah, I appreciate your comment -nonetheless- and your straightforwardness! Compliments, coming from artists, are always welcome, because artists look for that something beyond and behind the body or face. So thank you! I imagine you saw something there that touched you deeply and that’s a joy. Keep up being sincere and doing your art; I went to check your blog, congratulations! 😀

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