The Revelation of Presence



I quiver as the sun
comes back out
from behind the trees

I remember being
fifteen drenched in
too many questions

boiling over in the
heat of the sunshine
evaporating upward


room for silence
to fill each single
gap each crevice








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  1. This poem raised my curiosity. Did you find answers to the questions you had at 15 or did you quit asking? Are you still in pursuit of answers or just think that “questions” is just a stage like a 3 year old asks, “Why?” relentlessly of Mommy and Daddy? Silence is good for hearing and sorting, but what is the source of your answers? It is a thought provoking poem.


    • Hello, so happy my poem raised all these questions in you! I want poems to do that – most of the times – to stimolate people to further thinking or inquiring. To answer your question, I later went through the phase of thinking I had all the answers to realize there was more freedom and joy in not having the answers to then to realize that curiosity is what helps us to grow and what keeps relationships, even the one with our creator, alive. And silence is the perfect spot for receiving answers but also the perfect spot to just be, and be content.

      Having said that you may find more clarity in this short video I made that talks about my artistic walk and spiritual walk that go hand in hand
      Hope this answered your inquiring, blessings


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