il movimento corretto
si inserisce perfettamente

quel timone che io
possiedo per i miei
pensieri solca e divide

il terreno delle mie
giornate fertili da
quelle aride








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  1. Anna,
    the beauty of this poem is interpreting the translation.
    At first I think of “corretto” as ‘exact’
    which reflects your picture of train tracks.

    But then, I think of “corretto” as ‘with a splash’
    which makes more sense when you use the word “timone”
    as ‘boat wheel’ or ‘rudder’

    So, if you had a picture of a boat, it might be more exacting.

    Also, if “timore” means ‘guidance’ or ‘leadership’
    then the poem makes me feel a kind of remembering
    of the way life used to be.

    Very interesting way of expressing your thoughts.


    • Oh my! Very interesting translation and train of thoughts you come up with! I think you kind of went off tracks a bit with corretto as “with a splash” but we know why, LOL I did enjoy reading you, and your curiosity that pushed you to look for a translation is praise worthy, bravo!!! Thank you for sharing! πŸ˜€ Stick around…


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