Not Rosaries Nor Missals – Whispering, 2016



I like to think
of my memory
fixed as I age

having a better
recollection of
all it has been

never alone
to get broader eyes

looking at the now
and what’s beyond
to see the whole

picture but
all I want indeed
is to have these

beautiful ears
placed as jewels to
decorate me

to hear dogs laughing
and birds singing
to detect clearly

his love whispering
the deep silence






“Not Rosaries Nor Missals” is a collections of poems started on July 2013. The poems, about a spiritual journey, have the habit of popping up here, for a maximum count of seven, in July of each year.

The older poems of the collection can be found, and read, using the search window to the right of this screen.



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